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The Motherhood of Things of Nature and Magical

Hayden is becoming quite the young artist. I mean he is really attracted to it. We are painting and/or drawing everyday now. He love coming over to me and saying"Mom, let's paint." Or "painting, painting."
I love his zest for art and music, I see the bursting creativity in him already. The Boyles' house seems to be a house of creativity and art. My husband has a hand for drawing and as a child it was his favorite pasttime until adulthood. His hand at drawing was what attracted me to him. He studied painting in school for four years just never did it on his own time. And what haven't I done in the arts? I am such a renaissance woman my trek into the drawing area started with Final Fantasy characters. I loved video games (something else my husband and I bonded over) and out of the blue I decided to drew Princess Garnet from Final Fantasy 9 and did it so well I found out that I had a natural hand at drawing. I went to continue drawing whatever caught my fancy and later as I got better my own things mostly abstract stuff and portraits of fantasy people in my mind. I drew until Pregnancy. In Pregnancy, I watched many movies from my childhood that captured me, things that as a child and wanted to see and never did, read tons of books and played video games all day once my husband was home. I had to start in middle school so I think that I had to start drawing around 11-12 years ago. There was even a period in time when I drew dresses and outfits which didn't last long it just wasn't my cup of tea.
So when I became pregnant I never really doubted Hayden would be able to do something artistic, I only hoped he may like it. This summer at 2, I felt he was old enough to handle finger painting. I had wanted to do it last summer but he was still in his wild stage of just learning "no." I saw a blog post where this mom had her son was  finger painting and I simply thought it would be a fun thing to do that many toddlers love. It never clicked with me that he would be so naturally inclined to it. I mean, all I had to do was put out the colors and he just knew what to do- No instructions. Immediately he took to it. I didn't even have time to put all the paints out before he was dipping his fingers in and putting it to paper. He had never seen anyone finger paint and I was surprised because Hayden hates to be dirty if he spills something on him he needs to changed and cleaned immediately. If he steps in something the same thing. Now he has upgraded to brushes too
  But we have been drawing and coloring together for a while now. Ever since Hayden could hold a pencil, we have been drawing and coloring. I liked it because it was something we could do together and I wouldn't get bored. Tee-hee. We would sit at his desk and just color and draw on printer paper. For his birthday in May of this year, I listed an easel on his wishlist and his grandparents got him it. I was over the moon,I thought he would like it but you never can be too sure, we had been drawing at his table for so long. But as soon as he opened it all his other stuff went to the side and the entire party (which was at their house) we were bugged about opening it. Originally it was in my living room but one day (before I started his painting) I wanted to enjoy outside so I just put it out there. And from then on I'd put it out there letting him draw as he wanted and play outside while I was either doing a journal write or reading a book.

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