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In the Dreams of Romanticism and Surrealism

On Friday Hayden and I left to Long Beach, Ca, I have to  say it has been refreshing to settle down in some place other than home for a few days and the ability to concentrate without watching Hayden 24/7. Hayden in is the wonderful world of Grandparents when we visit Southern California my Mom really steps up and handles most things Hayden. Which gives me time to get a jump start on my writings. I have decided to go back in archives of unfinished/quick ideas of stories and pluck one out to finish. To start on my writings, I am digging back up everything in the faery and vampire realm, I originally wanted to read for one of my stories that I started in pregnancy of 2009. I should have notes from my previous venture on the books, I was going to read plus I am going to catch up on some teen fiction novels that have been released lately to top it. Many new things on vampire history, lore, and culture have flooded the market lately that wasn't available until after the Twilight craze and the sudden likings of vampires. So I will have lots to catch up on there.
I was lucky enough to have some notes on my external hard drive I had yanked from desktop, so here I could do some research and ordering of library books (I love, love LOVE the Fresno County Library) from Long Beach and have them waiting upon my return home. I love to research and discover so this is really going to be a great part of the writing process too, along with scribbling down everything that one day will become a finished product.  I only dread the revising process - definitely not fun. But what writer doesn't need sound revising and rewriting? Only the bad ones right?
Alas, we have to leave this day so updating will have to wait until we are settled in better at home and a swift visit to the library should be enough. I will probably be back here to update on books, art and writing.