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Of Mystical Meadows and Flowing Still Waters

Overall in this new month of August of nature and boasting fruition, I am dedicating to creativity and parenting. I think the two have deep meanings. I want to work together, balancing my creative energies along side my parenting. Instead of one at a time, when parenting and motherhood is something that isn't going away, I need to embrace it with arms open wide. I am reading "Superbaby" by Jenn Berman. I love her patient, loving and gentle way of parenting, that treats a child as a equal not an object to be put here and here. I think her approach is exactly what I am looking for in raising Hayden. I love it. One of the best books on parenting I've read so far- And I've read alot. I just see Summer as a time for motherhood and nature at its fullest and a perfect time to soak it up. Plus August is harvest, so many things in nature at its ripest, just like my creativity at this point. I am putting lots of positive energy into creating.
I am getting back into the written word: blogging and writing after a long dry spell of creative energy. I was devoid of all juices flowing instead of being a gentle, quiet river coasting along green banks, I was slap down in the middle of the Nevada Desert. But I am back once again! I have found my delicious meadow complete with flowing gleaming waters and a cup to drinkth with when parched.
I will doing the task of writing two stories at the same time, yes, this makes me nervous but because I really get bored easy I think it fits my mind and temperament better to have two stories in the works at any given time, rather one because when I get stuck on one I have another to go to. And when I have writers block, I can go to a different medium that I am working on.
Alas, I am merging into the world of Graphic Art and drawing, specializing in fantasy and science fiction art. I am discovering so many talented people it is a little overwhelming, but I am going to deep in slowly. But I have found some really interesting artists Aly Fell, Melanie Delon, and John Howe. Aly Fell's work is cool I love his art of girls. He makes them very kick ass and tough, little pretty things you don't want to mess with kinda like bad faeries. Melanie Delon, though, I especially love, love, LOVE her stuff. Very artistic, visually striking perfect. John I really love too. He seems to have lots of things on medieval times, which just so happen to love. Linda Ravenscroft and I go way back with, I have her faery tarot deck and bought over five years ago, never buying another. I saw her name on a fairy drawing book and looked her up because her name seemed familiar and she was from my fairy deck: then I went on to write in my artist journal all the beautiful artist's names I'd just discovered  and she was already there! I know faith when I see it. She was recommended by another artist I had discovered weeks ago when looking up how to make notebooks.